Proline Plus multi-pack

Proline® Plus mechanical pipette family is designed to offer comfort and quality for your every day manual pipetting. While it shares many of the excellent features of mLINE®, it has a personal design and a robust feel for heavier use.



Proline Pus 3 -pack 10 (0,5-10 ul, 10-100 ul, 100-1000 ul), stand

Art nr: LH-728670

Fp. Storlek

3 St/Fp

Proline Plus 3 -pack 20 (2-20ul, 20-200ul, 100-1000ul, stand)

Art nr: LH-728671

Fp. Storlek

3 St/Fp

Proline Plus 4 -pack 20

Art nr: LH-728672

Fp. Storlek

4 St/Fp


10 730 SEK