Tacta 3 +1 -pack (10, 200, 350, 1000)

Multipack, 3 +1 Pack, Single Channel Pipettes consists of the fpllowing pipettes: 0.5-10µL, 20-200µL, 100-1000µL, 8-Channel Pipette, 30-300µL plus 4 Racks of Tips (0.1-10µL, 0.5-200µL, 5-350µL, 10-1000µL), 4 Pipette Holders, and Linear Pipette Stand
  • Comfortable to hold due to the ergonomically designed handleComfortable to hold due to the ergonomically designed handle
  • Low pipetting and tip ejection forces that reduce the risk of Work Related Upper Limb Disorder (WRULD)
  • Controlled and smooth tip ejection with the new Sartorius Optiject technology

Tacta 3+1 -pack

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