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Stratec, Qiagen - Konduktivitetsspets, Svart

With blackKnights robotic tips – the conductive tips from Ritter – even small volumes can be dosed with high precision and without contamination. The conductivity enables the system to recognize the filling height and will guarantee a minimal immersion of the tip into the liquid.

Type "Qiagen" is compatible with the following robotic instruments:

Abbott Diagnostic: en4lisa, m2000; bioMérieux: DaVinci; Bio-Rad: Evolis; Biotest: Quickstep; Dade Behring (Siemens): BEP 2000 Advance; Diasorin: Etimax 3000; Diffchamb: T4U; Euroimmun: Euroimmun Analyzer; Grifols: Triturus; Human: Elisys Quattro; Qiagen: Biorobot 3000, 8000, 9600, 9604; Virion/Serion: Immunomat TWINsystem

blackknights, 300 µl, tray, DP, Stratec

Art nr: 49000-0000

Fp. Storlek

17280 St/Fp


20 740 SEK

blackknights, 1100 µl, tray, DP, Stratec

Art nr: 49001-0000

Fp. Storlek

9600 St/Fp


12 090 SEK