System solutions for cryo-/biobanks.

ASKION C-line - automated and modular storage and freezing solutions down to -185°C for best sample quality, traceability and usability
WB (work bench) – A cryogenic handling area (T <-100°C) where frozen samples are sorted and/or temporarily stored.
Internal/external barcode scanners allow identification and tracking of your samples.
Controlled rate freezing can be carried out by using freely programmable freezing curves and after the freezing process the samples are transfered using a cryogenic carrier (-100°C or colder).

The automated storage system (ASKION C-Line HS200) comes in several sizes and is used for biobanks, biorepositories and LN2 based storage collections. The samples are handled in a fully automated cryogenic temperatures down to below -130°C by a robot either as individual samples and / or in SBS rack format inside the cryogenic environment while maintaining a continuous cold chain. Samples are then stored at cryogenic temperatures down to -185°C.  
Storage solutions are available for a few thousand samples up to millions of samples.