Pipette calibration, service, maintenance and training

Our pipette calibration service, Pipette Doctor, performs calibration, maintenance and repair services to maintain the quality of your pipetting and extend the life of your pipettes.

Ensure that your data is reliable by regular calibration and preventive maintenance Pipettdoktorn 100px.jpg
schedule for your pipettes.

The accuracy and precision of the pipettes are optimized, the completeness of your
data is ensured, and the risk of contamination is minimized with regular professional cleaning. GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and ISO 8655 state that precision tools
as pipettes must be maintained and calibrated at regular intervals by a competent body.


Service, calibration and technical questions - Pipette Doctor:

Tel Pipette Doctor: 08 630 85 05
E-mail: pipett@nordicbiolabs.se

Technical issues, collection of pipettes, pipette service agreement:

Lisa Tibbelin
Mobile: 073-460 20 92
Tel direct: 08-630 85 26
E-mail: lisa.tibbelin@nordicbiolabs.se

Charlotte Otéma
Mobile: 070-889 17 59
Tel direct: 08-630 85 03
E-mail: charlotte.otema@nordicbiolabs.se