This is how our pipette service works

Pipette service and calibration of all makes, models and volumes.


  • Service and repairs included in the price (ex spare parts)
  • Pick-up of pipettes (the regions around Stockholm, Uppsala, Gothenburg, Linköping,
    Örebro and Malmö / Lund)
  • Service, calibration and repairs are carried out in Täby (multi-channel pipettes are sent
    to the Pipette Doctor in Helsinki)
  • Accredited calibration is performed at Pipette Doctor in Helsinki which is certified by
    FINAS according to SFS-EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2019 accreditation standard

Service procedure

  • The pipette is opened, inspected, carefully cleaned, lubricated and assembled according
    to the manufacturers instruction
  • When necessary, worn out parts are replaced
  • Performance testing (ISO 8655:2002 specifications) when possible
  • Service- and calibration report is generated

In multi channel pipettes all channels are tested. Service report and calibration report are always included. Calibration is done with Sartorius original tips. If other tips are required please send them with the pipettes, 5 tips/channel. In case spare parts need to be replaced, and the cost of the spare part is under 400 SEK/pipette service will be executed without contacting you and the cost will be charged together with the calibration cost. In case the cost of the spare part is more than 400 SEK/pipette you will be contacted for a price estimate. If you choose not to have the pipette repaired you will be charged a fault diagnostic of the pipette cost of 375 SEK.

Pipettes that are picked up/sent for service should have a signed decontamination form confirming they have been cleaned (wiped with 70% ethanol) and decontaminated. You find this form to the top right on this page, or click here - Decontamination form.

Remember to always use tips with the same volume as the pipette. If the pipette´s maximum volume for example is 300µl and we have received 200µl tips we will not be able to calibrate the pipette since the calibration is executed at the pipettes highest volume (ISO 8655). If this happens, we will use Sartorius original tips.

What is ISO 8655?
The ISO 8655 standard specifies the requirements for piston operated volumetric apparatus (pipettes) and pipette calibration laboratories, down to defining the standard procedures for conducting pipette calibration. Testing is carried out in general accordance
to the ISO 8655:2002 standard when possible.

What is ISO 17025?
The ISO 17025 standard specifies the general requirements for the competence to carry out tests and/or calibrations. Accreditation of a laboratory is done by a national or local notified body such as Swedac in Sweden, UKAS in the UK, COFRAC in France, DKD in Germany, and FINAS in Finland. Pipette Doctor in Helsinki is accredited by FINAS as a K041 calibration laboratory, in accordance with the SFS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2019.