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NxGen RNAse Inhibitor

Eliminates RNase activity
  • Unit Definition: One unit is defined as the amount of enzyme required to inhibit by 50% the hydrolysis of cytidine 2',3'-cyclic monophosphate by 5 ng of RNAse A.
  • Source: A recombinant E. coli strain carrying the porcine RNase Inhibitor gene.

RNAse Inhibitor is a potent inhibitor of ribonucleases such as RNase A, RNase B, and RNase C. The 52 kDa protein is a fusion of the porcine RNAse Inhibitor gene with a proprietary 22.5 kDa protein tag.

NxGen RNAse Inhibitor

Art nr: 30281-1

Fp. Storlek

10,000 U