Cellometer Spectrum Image Cytometry System

Whether you are looking for an affordable benchtop cytometer, or to improve your current Flow cytometry analysis, the Spectrum Image cytometry system will exceed your expectations not only in performance, data analysis and affordability, but also in its ease of use and application versatility.
  • All-in-One System: basic cell counting, primary cell viability, and cell-based assays
  • Interchangeable fluorescent modules for increased versatility
  • Simple 20 µl Cell-Based Assays: pre-qualified reagents, small 20 µl sample size, simple image-based analysis, assay-specific data templates with pre-defined instrument settings

Proprietary pattern-recognition software: count individual cells in clusters and/or irregular-shaped cells, count cells based on size, eliminate debris from cell counts

Unique Algorithms for Advanced Cell Analysis: determine concentration and viability of hepatocytes, adipocytes, and other sophisticated cell types

Fast Results: obtain cell images, counts, size measurements and viability calculations in < 30 seconds per sample

Non-fluidic platform: suitable for sensitive cells, maintenance-free, no washing, no contamination, robust optic modules and LED-light, maintenance-free

Cellometer Spectrum cytometer 2 fluo mod. 2-lic contr slides

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