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RTS-1C Personal Bioreactor w. cooling

RTS-1C is a personal bioreactor where cell suspension is mixed in a single use bioreactor tube around its axis resulting in highly efficient mixing and oxygenation for aerobic cultivation. Combined with a near-infrared optical system it is possible to register cell growth kinetics non-invasively in real time.
  • Individually controlled bioreactor accelerates optimization process
  • Possibility to cultivate microaerophilic and obligate anaerobic microorganisms (not strict anaerobic conditions)
  • Free of charge software for storage, demonstration and analysis of data in real time

RTS-1C Personal Bioreactor w. cooling

Art nr: BS-010160-A04

Fp. Storlek

1 St


Outer Dimension (WxDxH) 130 × 212 × 200 mm